Eternal Feeding Technique

In the wake of climate disaster, global pandemics, species extinction, when a world without the human is not just an adrenalin boost of Hollywood blockbusters but is slowly entering our perception and mode of thought, we have to get ready to face hard times of famine and scarcity even in the more privileged parts of the world. Our method will not only raise the chances of your survival in the future but will provide an admirable graveyard aesthetics. Nowadays aesthetics cannot be just aesthetics, it should be useful as well!

Four useful steps to follow the Eternal Feeding Technique:
1. pick up a grave of any of your loved ones
2. plant vegetables on it (tomatoes, cucumbers etc), herbs or, if you are willing to be patient, you can seed a fruit tree as well
3. when they are ripe pick them up, eat them or share them with your friends
4. make sure you include in your will your wish to be eaten by your dear ones in your turn.