The Clinic

We are interested in establishing as artworks not only products but production, a mildly choreographed process that is closer to an artworld (artwork as artworld). The first works of this kind, which hover in-between facilitating production, research, curating, art making and writing were Unsorcery and Black Hyperbox. Each artworld starts with its naming, that will orient practices and discourse. We plan to develop The Clinic next. What happens if you overlap institutions and contexts that don't belong together? For some time the art space becomes a clinic, a clinic and an art space. The artworld named The Clinic is interested to propose performative healing practices and therapies (personal or collective). We will propose our practices and performance strategies (esthetic healing and performative therapies) and would like to invite a few other artists, whose practices would benefit the Clinic, to join the process.The practices can have a healthy dose of nastiness, puzzlement, destabilisation and weirdness combined with the usual base of the holistic practices – harmony, stability, comfort and well-meaning.