World, World, performance by Florin Flueras

Through induction and simple body practices, World, World walks half asleep through philosophic, politic, scientific, supernatural and artistic perspectives on its surroundings. It affects the perception about space, objects in space, and its temporary community. The idea that the artwork takes place in the body of the visitor is particularly relevant in this context. If the recent neurosciences are right and, as in dreaming, the simulational capacities of consciousness are what makes a world appear to us, then it is possible that the world to become world, world...

Presented at CNDB Bucharest, Akademie Schloss Solitude Stuttgart, Het Bos Antwerpen, Atelier 35 Bucharest.
Connected to the performance All of Nothing by Alina Popa and to the texts Imitation of Dream and Dreaming the End of Dreaming.