Unsorcery Launch

Unsorcery is a frame created to accomodate both performance and philosophy, and to test if art can be a transversal journey through different levels of experience and knowledge that aim at what is impossible to experience.

Unsorcery is a dimension of alienation from practices through thinking and from concepts through practice.

Unsorcery tries to expand the realm of experience to what is beyond subjective experience, and to perform through the body what needs to get rid of the body.

Unsorcery plays with the confusion between the formal and material aspects of the black box of contemporary dance.

Unsorcery constructs chroreography as a travel guide through a black box.

Unsorcery regards choreography as a writing of space anchored in a concept, and dance as that which corrupts the initial or apparent concept.

Through Unsorcery, anyone can write the space, by following or not following the weak commands of the choreographer. Unsorcery corrupts participation as we know it.

Unsorcery poses the question not of ‘what is a performance?’, but ‘where and when is a performance?’.

Unsorcery unfolds in a time which is not the time of subjectivity but a nonhuman, thingly time.

Unsorcery has until now developed three concept-practices: Second Body, Dead Thinking, Eternal Feeding. These are the names of three performances and three texts.
UNSORCERY launch: Thursday, 20 Feb, 19h30, at Salonul de Proiecte, Bucharest. Between 20 Feb – 13 Apr 2014 you will have the occasion to enter in contact with the Unsorcery concepts and practices and, if you are lucky enough, to meet the Unsorcery founders in person.